I dedicate this space to Scott Hanselman and to all my mentees for inspiring me over the years and for pushing me to host my own space 🙏🏽

About Me


My name is Ryan D'Souza. I like to share knowledge. You can find my articles here. I also like to program and I triple as your friendly neighborhood technologist. I work out of Mumbai, India for ConnectWise, but this blog, its content, and opinions are my own. I love to learn, share knowledge & mentor through hands-on and practical experiences. I am deeply interested in technology trends and industry practices. I'd be happy to talk about problem-solving, code, functional programming, user experience, productivity, wellness, stoicism, and a bunch of other things.

If you are interested in connecting, I am reachable via email at mail@ryandsouza.in or you could reach me @ryanivandsouza on Twitter.


I started with Polaris Software Labs, (now Virtusa) in 2006. I worked there for 4 years on Imaging and Workflow projects built using .NET technologies for a large multinational bank with operations in the EMEA region. I moved on to CitiusTech, where I worked in the Healthcare domain for a large number of customers again in Imaging and Workflow projects. At CitiusTech, I transitioned from .NET to a variety of trending technologies including the new wave of JavaScript in the early 2010s.

Working in the Finance and the Healthcare domains has given me a deep appreciation of security and privacy concerns associated with the software we use and how software impacts the lives of fellow human beings.

At ConnectWise, I work as a Senior Principal Engineer, working with large teams to build scalable solutions. My teams are responsible for implementing architecture and practices to ensure independent development and deployment across multiple teams working on common code bases.